EDC is headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, a hub for ecological research in the Pacific Northwest. Corvallis is also home to Oregon State University, US EPA Western Ecology Division, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Forest Sciences Lab, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Corvallis Research Lab.

Our facilities include GIS hardware & software, a large format plotter, and an insect and algal identification laboratory. We own and operate an 18’ shallow draft jet boat, a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), recording water quality (CTD) probes, and sub-meter GPS.

Who We Are

Earth Design Consultants, Inc. (EDC), an Oregon corporation, was founded in 1996 by scientists specializing in ecological assessment and conservation planning. EDC is known for its application of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing tools to solve natural resource management issues around North America, with a particular focus in the Pacific Northwest.

Drawing from a large group of highly respected collaborators, we build multidisciplinary teams uniquely suited to the specific needs of individual client’s projects. We have a strong track record of successfully completing projects on or before the given deadline, and pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with clients to ensure that our research and products meet their desires and expectations.

Our work focuses primarily on projects involving freshwater and estuarine wetland ecosystems. Our diverse projects range from primary research in nutrient cycling and invasive plant control to working with watershed groups to develop restoration and monitoring plans. We have designed and executed a number of watershed-level analyses and our study results are often published in the scientific literature.

Our past and present clients include Federal, State, Tribal, and Non-Governmental groups, including seven Oregon Watershed Councils.

Our studies range from individual wetlands to regional landscapes, from molecules to biological communities. We specialize in an array of ecological methods and emerging technologies. Our areas of expertise include: Watershed Assessment, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology, Limnology, Aquatic Invertebrates and Stream Monitoring, Wetland Restoration and Assessment, and Plant Community Assessment and Monitoring.


Why Choose Us?

GIS and remote sensing have been mainstays of Earth Design Consultants, Inc. projects since the early 1990s.

We have a strong track record of successfully completing projects within a given deadline, and pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with clients to ensure that our products meet their expectations. We specialize in the use of traditional ecological methods as well as new and emerging technologies.

Our pilots are also scientists and are fully licensed by the FAA.

We enjoy being a small firm that can focus our attention and resources on our client's needs.

Our Services

We assemble teams of highly trained and experienced scientists and specialists. Our senior scientists have 10-25 years of experience in their fields of expertise.

Aerial Photography and Videography

We now have an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in our repertoire of specialty equipment. We currently operate under part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Water Quality Assessment

We provide detailed assessments of water quality (nutrient concentrations and limitation, dissolved oxygen, bioindicators, and primary production) for lakes and streams.

Invasive Species Surveys and Control

Our scientists are experienced in evaluating the effectiveness of biocontrol agents in a variety of different aquatic and wetland settings.


Habitat Mapping

We use Geographic Information Systems, field surveys, and Remote Sensing (aerial photography, and multi- and hyperspectral images) to produce spatial data sets describing the location and distribution of biological communities.

Spatial Analysis & Assessment of Watersheds & Wetlands

We collect data and use a variety of ecological approaches to examine patterns in the abundance and distribution of organisms and the factors that influence these patterns.

Systems Modeling & Risk Assessment

We work with stakeholders to better manage our natural resources. We develop Systems Models that identify valued resources and the processes that affect those resources.

The team behind the science

We assemble teams of specialists uniquely suited to solve real-world problems in wetland and watershed assessment and management.


Aquatic Ecologist/Pilot


Wildlife Biologist


Remote Pilot/Photographer




Remote Pilot/Photographer

Jackie Dixon

Natural Resource GIS Analyst


Our partners in science



We have been providing scientific assessment and mapping for ecosystems for more than two decades.