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Dr. Ralph Garono

Dr. Ralph Garono

  • Aquatic Ecologist / Pilot
  • Biochemical Limnology, Wetland Ecology, Aquatic Entomology, Statistics, Remote Sensing and Spatial Modeling
  • rgarono@earthdesign.com
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Dr. Ralph Garono is President of Earth Design Consultants, Inc. (Corvallis, OR) where he heads up the Wetland & Watershed Assessment Group. In addition, Dr. Garono holds a faculty (courtesy) appointment in the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University and advises graduate students in the Marine Resource Management Program. He is trained in biochemical limnology (e.g., the role that phosphorus limitation plays in structuring planktonic communities) and in aquatic entomology. His current research interests focus on assessments, at multiple spatial and temporal scales, of aquatic and marine ecosystems.

Dr. Garono's recent research projects include: the use of aquatic insects as a wetland assessment tool; GIS-based watershed assessments; the use of GIS-based models to evaluate alternative land use scenarios; and, the use of hyperspectral imagery to map landscape patterns in estuarine vegetation.

In addition to his scientific career, Dr. Garono also holds both private and remote pilot licences from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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