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Jill Bartlett

Jill Bartlett

  • Remote Pilot / Photographer / Videographer
  • Digital Photography, Videography, Website Design
  • jbartlett@earthdesign.com
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Jill Bartlett has made a career out of mixing art with science. An avid artist since childhood, she eventually traded in her pens and paint brushes for digital cameras and video. And being fascinated with both biological and earth sciences, she holds Bachelors degrees in both science and agriculture. With these interests in mind, Jill successfully combined them all into a 20-year career at Oregon State University's College of Veterinary Medicine where she was a researcher, an instructor and a media specialist.

Jill has also worked as a freelance artist in both digital and fine arts and has traveled to more than 40 countries to photograph and film wildlife in their native ecosystems.

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