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Earth Design Consultants, Inc. has a large group of scientists that we collaborate with. We assemble teams of specialists uniquely suited to solve real-world problems in wetland and watershed assessment and management.

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  • Dr. Paul Adamus, Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc

  • Dr. Elizabeth Allen, 3 Sigma Institute

  • Dr. Elizabeth Binney, Pacific Ecological

  • David Bradsby, Texas Parks & Wildlife

  • Laura Brophy, Green Point Consulting

  • Dr. Christine Buhl, USFS

  • Jen Burke, NMFS

  • Pam Frost, Conservation Biology Institute

  • Dr. Ayesha Gray

  • Dr. Fritzi Grevstad, University of Washington

  • Dr. Richard Kiesling, USGS

  • James Kooser, Gomez and Sullivan Engineers

  • Dr. Peter McEvoy, Oregon State University

  • Herb Ripley

  • Donna Robbins

  • Rob Robinson, Image Arts

  • Dr. Shon Schooler, University of Wisconsin

  • Si Simenstad, WET, University of Washington

  • Dr. James Strittholt, Conservation Biology Institute

  • Dr. Christine L. Weilhoefer, University of Portland

  • Stan Van de Wetering, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

  • Dr. Dana Woodruff, Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory

  • Dr. Alice Yeates

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We have been providing scientific assessment and mapping for ecosystems for more than two decades.