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Jim Golden

Jim Golden

  • Remote Pilot / Photographer
  • Fishery Biologist, Statistics, Natural History Research
  • goldenj3@charter.net
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Jim Golden’s career track has spanned more than 40 years, including over thirty years with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and over 10 years as a private consultant. Jim has experience in most of Oregon’s marine fisheries including shellfish, offshore and nearshore fisheries research, and fisheries and marine program management. As a consultant, Jim has also worked in surveying both marine and freshwater aquatic environments as a research diver and helped create GIS spatially based bio-economic model for assessing impacts of Oregon Marine Reserves on fisheries. He’s an Oregon State University graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fisheries Science. As a volunteer, Jim is helping create the Corvallis to the Sea Trail using hard physical labor and mapping skills. Jim has a strong interest in photography, species identification and natural history research.

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