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Jackie Dixon

Jackie Dixon

  • Natural Resource GIS Analyst
  • Marine biologist, Geographic Information Systems
  • jdixon@earthdesign.com
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Jackie is a young professional with a keen eye for the relationship between conservation ecology and natural resource management. As a scientific SCUBA diver in Monterey Bay, Jackie studied nearshore kelp forests and fell in love with the idea of conservation early on. After graduating with a B.S. in Marine Biology from University of California Santa Cruz, she put her education to use in salmon aquaculture, living remote at salmon hatcheries in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Flying south for the winter, Jackie found herself in Oregon, applying her knowledge of aquaculture to the oyster industry and the associated research at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport.

Since then, Jackie has acquired graduate certificates in both Fisheries Management and Geographic Information Systems, and a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University; all while contributing to the work at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Marine Reserves Fellow. In the last couple years, Jackie has been applying her knowledge in GIS and natural resource management to assign and model habitat associations for highly managed reef fish along the Oregon Coast. Her understanding of natural systems and how they relate to industry incentives makes her skillset in GIS an effective tool for conservation ecology.

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