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GIS Concierge Service

Your data Your Way

For the past 22 years, EDC, Inc. has supported organizations just like yours to develop spatial solutions to their natural resource management questions.

What we offer

Earth Design Consultants, Inc. is offering a limited number of rolling-contracts that support a variety of your agency’s GIS needs

As an affordable alternative to developing an in-house GIS department, EDC can help you plan, design and build reliable GIS datasets to reach YOUR natural resource management goals and maximize the value of your geospatial data investments.

We understand that you need access to Geographic Information Systems but do not always have the time, energy, or funding to hire high quality spatial analysts or to purchase GIS equipment.

We are offering three levels of assistance that allow us to work with you to find a plan that best fits your needs without overspending on a full-time GIS department.

Each of our plans offers exceptional service, discounted rates, and quick turnaround! Please contact us for more information!

Services Available

  • Image acquisition and classification
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Building geodatabases
  • Spatial analysis and map output services
  • Spatial data sourcing and dataset conversion
  • On-site training in client datasets
  • Off-site support for bottlenecks in GIS projects
  • Development of GIS tools and software coding
  • Geographic data capture services
  • Geo-referencing services
  • Spatial database design and integration
  • Change detection
  • Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification
  • Coastal ecosystem management
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment mapping
  • Watershed management
  • Spatial modeling

Scalable Services

Depending on your needs, we can assist you with data creation, collection, or analysis.

Although we are not affiliated with any particular GIS software developer, we are available to answer your questions or help you complete your own data development or analysis.

We are experienced in spatial data collection and offer sub-meter GPS and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle data collection services.

We can train your team or provide these services for you (NOTE: additional fees may apply for equipment use).


We offer three pricing plans


  • 16% Discounted Hourly Rate
  • Map Development
  • Statistical Summaries
  • Fast Product Turnaround
  • Prompt Cost Estimates
  • Email Support


  • 25% Discounted Hourly Rate
  • In-house Spatial Data Audit and Analysis Recommendations
  • Online Showcase (Story Maps and Web Applications)
  • Data Distribution for Your Partners
  • Development of Data-Driven/ Interactive PDFs
  • Development of Presentation Products
  • Phone and Email Support (with 24hr response time)


  • 36% Discounted Hourly Rate
  • Data Distribution for Partners and Stakeholders
  • Create Data Catalogs
  • Arc Online Support for Your Data
  • Applications and Custom Tool Development (Python and ArcPy)
  • Tailored Workshops/Trainings at Your Location


We have been providing scientific assessment and mapping for ecosystems for more than two decades.