Executive Summary

Ecological Assessment of Cabomba in 3 Oregon Coastal Lakes: 2008-2009

The Goal of this project, funded CSIRO, is to assess populations of Cabomba caroliniana (Gray Fanwort) in three Oregon coastal lakes. Cabomba is a non-native, potentially invasive weed.

We assessed submerged aquatic vegetation in 0.25m^2 qudrats at various depths within the photic zones of Cullaby, Sutton and Woahink Lakes. We measured the maximum stem length, number of stems, and dry weight of all macrophtyes within each quadrat. We also measured nutrient concentrations, several other water quality variables, and assessed macroinvertebrates associated with the vegetation.

Project Description

Elizabeth filters water for nutrient analysis.
Elise keeps an eye on divers.
Elise measures stem length and prepares samples for weighing.