Our Scientists

The People Behind the Science

Earth Design Consultants, Inc. has a large group of scientists that we collaborate with. We assemble teams of specialists uniquely suited to solve real-world problems in wetland and watershed assessment and management.

Dr. Paul Adamus, Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc

Dr. Elizabeth Allen, 3 Sigma Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Binney, Pacific Ecological

David Bradsby, Texas Parks & Wildlife

Laura Brophy, Green Point Consulting

Dr. Christine Buhl, USFS

Jen Burke, NMFS

Pam Frost, Conservation Biology Institute

Dr. Ayesha Gray

Dr. Fritzi Grevstad, University of Washington

Dr. Richard Kiesling, USGS

James Kooser, Gomez and Sullivan Engineers

Dr. Peter McEvoy, Oregon State University

Herb Ripley

Donna Robbins

Rob Robinson, Image Arts

Dr. Shon Schooler, University of Wisconsin

Si Simenstad, WET, University of Washington

Dr. James Strittholt, Conservation Biology Institute

Dr. Christine L. Weilhoefer, University of Portland

Stan Van de Wetering, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Dr. Dana Woodruff, Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory

Dr. Alice Yeates