Read Some of Our Projects

We have made some of our finished projects available here to read online.

Feasibility of mapping plant communities and species of interest along the lower St. Louis River

Mapping Vegetation Cover Classes on Whychus Creek Floodplain

Mapping Emergent and Riparian Vegetation’s Response to Changing Lake Levels

Littoral Zone and Habitat Mapping in a Wisconsin Hydroelectric Reservoir

Monitoring Stream Invertebrates in a Restored Urban Stream near Tryon Ck, Portland, OR

Assist Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians develop a 319 Non-Point Source Assessment and Management Plan for the Siletz River Basin

South Slough NERR LiDAR and Digital Imagery

Phase I Lower Columbia River Estuary Vegetation Mapping using Hyperspectral Imagery

Phase I: Lower Columbia River Estuary Vegetation Mapping using Landsat 7 TM Imagery

Phase I: Use of Hyperspectral Imagery to Map Estuarine Features along the Straits of Juan de Fuca

Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project, Garibaldi, OR: Eelgrass mapping of Tillamook Bay using multispectral airborne imaging.

Tillamook Bay National Estuary Project, Garibaldi, OR: Landscape change analysis for the Tillamook Bay watershed using satellite imagery (PDF format Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)

Watershed/Catchment Classification Project with an emphasis on Salmon and Lamprey populations (Siletz Tribe): Using GIS to establish a monitoring framework

Spatial Analysis of San Juan County, WA, Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc. (ARA)

Luckiamute Watershed Assessment

Modeling Wetlands in Clark Co. Washington; partner with Virgil-Agrimis, Inc.

Suislaw Watershed Assessment: Assessing the Estuary (in Cooperation with EcoTrust)

Analysis of 6th Field Watersheds in the MidCoast Region of Oregon

Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery: Eastern Hood Canal Floating Bridge Project. (WA)

Landscape characterization of selected wetland sampling sites in the Willamette Valley, Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc. (ARA)

Oregon Breeding Bird Atlas (Map Support), Adamus Resource Assessment, Inc. (ARA)

A Review of the MCWC CD-ROM Version 4.0: Use Recommendations

Rock Creek (upper Siletz) Watershed Assessment

Developing a Conservation Plan for the Shadowood Home Owners Association (Oregon)

Effects of Biocontrol of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in the Lower Columbia River

Cabomba Surveys in OR Coastal Lakes

Columbia River CASI Imagery as part of our Biocontrol Project

A Survey of Insects in the West Eugene Wetlands, funded by BLM

Monitoring Invertebrates and Plant Communities in Restored Tidal Wetlands in the Yaquina Estuary

Benthic Invertebrates from South Puget Sound Subestuaries(component of Deschutes Estuary Feasibility Study)

Siletz River Food Web Study

Monitoring Invertebrates Associated with Large Wood Placement at the South Slough NERR

Patterns in Nutrient Limitation in the Siuslaw River Watershed

Assessment of Water Quality Data along Lower Pony Creek

GIS-based Water Quality Study of Tillamook Bay

Wetland Delineation and Replacement Wetland Design (Warren, Ohio)

Deschutes River Estuary Restoration Study: Reference Estuary and Biological Conditions

Establishing a nutria impact monitoring program on wetland vegetation in Big Bend National Park, funding is from Big Bend Natural History Association

The Nature Conservancy, Texas Chapter. The effect of prescribed burning on non-target insect assemblages.

GIS Workshops — Watershed Assessments, the Next Step, funding is by OWEB

Earthwatch Research Trips to Big Bend National Park (Spring Ecosystems & Wetland Restoration) and to Churchill, Manitoba (Arctic Ecology Course)

Earthwatch (Big Bend National Park Research Trip) (Mar-Apr 1997)

Eelgrass Beds with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Geospatial Modeling for the Siletz Tribal